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Thread: Extinguishing a fire with a bottle of Coke - GIF

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    The way the gif appears the fireman is demonstrating how to extinguish a fire by shaking the bottle of coca-cola using the trapped CO2 carbonation as a propellant. turning the liquid into a foam while using a finger to form a nozzle. He collapses the bottle as he is doing this to reduce the internal colume in an attempt to maintain some pressure until the last of the cola is spewed forth.
    Coke a cola or any other carbonated beverage is mostly nothing but a flavored syrup and water with CO2 infused in it to give it that fizzy taste.
    The syrup would slow the evaporation the CO2 takes out the oxygen while the water removes the heat.
    American beer would do almost the same thing but the lack of syrup and slight alcohol content would slightly reduce the effectiveness.

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    So Coca Cola is actually good for something. It’s certainly not good to drink, I know that much!

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