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Thread: Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw

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    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw

    Hi All
    After finishing the rewire the next job was to mount the coolant tank to the custom base. The coolant tank is a commercially purchased system I purchased 30 years ago and was originally on my pillar drill.

    To stop the tank from moving, it was clamped to the base with 4 pieces of aluminium angle 32x32x5mm.

    The angle was cut and the edges machined square. A hole was then drilled into each bracket 6mm for 6mm bolt. The brackets were then slightly bent to create a clamping action when fully bolted back to base.

    To ensure that all the retaining bolts were drilled in the correct position to create the clamping force a piece of the angle was drilled 2mm higher to allow for the thickness of the tank material at a diameter of 3mm. Once drilled 3mm the diameter was then opened up to suit M6 rivet nuts.

    A trial fit and the tank was securely fitted to the base. Brackets were then removed and painted.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-854d7123-e868-4a6b-96a7-8eadeba57ba9.jpeg Tank secured in place.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-ded143e4-4ed8-4a9a-a9e4-50065520b7c1.jpeg Drill template and brackets shot blasted ready for paint.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-a18e0c14-7202-48c3-9b3e-f82c9ed50053.jpeg Drill template in position.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-2ae5a946-f9e7-4b9e-b280-af0133824c2a.jpeg Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-93ed4369-0e9d-4d69-a644-3558fbf04c95.jpeg Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-9781da11-fb3f-4094-a8db-fed24b31931e.jpeg Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-e0a2bf22-b96e-475a-a38c-460cd9fc6330.jpeg Rivet nut in place.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-43b5894c-3ee0-4d77-b693-0f7fa0608e74.jpeg Square showing angle to create clamping force.

    Fitting coolant tank to 4x6 bandsaw-a0a957cd-affd-4123-b238-508a7cb7b691.jpeg One completed bracket in place.

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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