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Thread: Helping Hand door holder upper

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    Helping Hand door holder upper

    Helping Hand door holder upper-100_3918.jpgHelping Hand door holder upper-100_3919.jpgWorking alone and removing and installing car doors isn't easy! Faced with that task I decided to make something to hold the car door at the right height while I finnagled the door pins into the hinges.It could no doubt support or hold other items for other tasks as well. made with a scrap piece of black iron pipe,a few bent pieces of round rod, a bit of surplus chain,,,and I used a small cable hoist suspended from a pipe strapped to garage rafters.Not pretty but it saved me a lot of sweat!

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    Good call on that jury-rigged setup. In any job I do, I always look at the safety factor.

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    Thanks nortin! I've added your Door Holder to our Autobody and Hoists categories, as well as to your builder page: nortin's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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