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Thread: I-beam light and camera dolly

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    I-beam light and camera dolly

    This is kind of a tool I guess... I upgraded some of the old magnetic florescent lamps to use led retro fit bulbs. I had a goal of making some mobil lighting that was out of the way. The wiring that runs to the garage extremely lacking so I try to use as little electrical current as possible. The garage I rent has an albeit sketchy I beam so I put it to use. This lamp rolls the lenght of the beam and rotates 360 degrees the bulbs sweep 180 degrees. There is also a suction cup car phone holder to use as a camera mount just for fun.

    Junk list was some half inch plywood I pulled from warehouse dumpster, with a 1x3 from a pallet, 4 roller blade wheels, a fluorescent lamp and led bulbs, a broken suction cup phone holder, a 500 lbs swivel \ lazy susan bearing from recliner lazyboy that was on the curb, and some drywall screws. Quickly cheaply and simply designed and built.

    Sorry for the bad photography camera phone was not happy for some reason.

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    Thanks jere! I've added your I-Beam Light and Camera Dolly to our Lighting and Photography and Videography categories, as well as to your builder page: jere's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Nice. Gave me an idea for an unused corner of my laundry area that needs some lighting.

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