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Thread: Lathe cross-slide jig plate

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    first bore completed
    Lathe cross-slide jig plate-small-boring-bar.jpgFirst boring bar
    Lathe cross-slide jig plate-larger-boring-bar.jpgOnce the bore was larger enough, I replaced the first in-line boring bar with a larger diameter bar.

    Lathe cross-slide jig plate-bore-complete.jpgFirst bore finished to a diameter of 2.1/8". The surface finish has come out great

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehomeengineer View Post
    Hi Philip
    I am so pleased so many people read my posts and to get 10 HMT of the week is fantastic.
    You know I canít walk past a skip without poking my nose in it. Even my Mrs isnít embarrassed anymore and even points out potential dives for me.
    Just surprised that so much stuff is disregarded as scrap. But I guess for business ďone day I might use it ď is space and money. For the home workshop the one day I will make is easier or with modern technology and selling platforms items can be sold and used to purchase other items that are needed for the workshop. What is it they say one manís rubbish is another manís treasure.
    The Ms and I nearly race for that.
    I'm lucky. She goes more for the lawn art.
    While the adage says "one man's rubbish..." I'm still more surprised bigger companies are so focused on per square foot costs, and ignore more cubic space than ANY of us can claim. We know people right here at that have lifetime reserves of remnant and reclaimed materials, and rarely need trips to commercial suppliers. All I'm successful at, isn't far past "just in time".
    Anyone have a lead on 3" Schedule 40 black pipe weld couplings? Need 15 pieces.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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