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Thread: Make a Mini BandSaw

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    Make a Mini BandSaw

    Hello all,

    from a fellow tool-maker! It's is the first time that I post something into this forum, but definitely not the first one I make a custom tool of some sort! So it is very nice to be here, and hopefully, you will hear a lot from me in the future..

    Today, it is about the bandsaw!

    The main idea here goes something like this:
    I really wanted a bandsaw! But since I am a bit tight on space, it had to be a small one. And since I really enjoy getting dust on my clothes and troubles on my mind, it had to be a homemade one. So we are making a mini bandsaw. All wooden, with 19 cm diameter wheels, which is gonna move a 2400 mm long, 6mm thick, 12 tpi blade. And it's gonna be on a budget!

    I am embedding here the final video of this project (I am also a content creator on youtube) so you can see how it came out and how it performs, and hopefully, if you like it and want to make one for yourself, you can watch the rest of this make's videos on my channel there!
    Hope you do like it!

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    Thanks zeplabs! We've added your Mini Bandsaw to our Bandsaws category,
    as well as to your builder page: zeplabs's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Great band saw, love the spiral you added on the wheel LOL

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