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Thread: Master link fitting aid

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    Master link fitting aid

    Went for a cycle yesterday to work off some of the xMas cake. and was not quite sure if it was my bones creaking of the bike's drive train.

    So decided to give the old lady a service. referring to the bike. Had her for about 10 years and spent many yours together.

    Once the chain and derailleurs were cleaned and a new cable for the back one was fitted I had to refit the chain before I could do the derailleur alignment.

    When the newly cleaned chain slipped out of my hand for the second time and fell on the dusty garage floor and I had to battle to tread it through again I decided enough is enough. Will not bore you with the development process, but initially the wire was too thick to fit the skinny chain. Then I did not have enough clearance to manipulate the chain ends and the master link. Gap side plate to side plate on the wide links are about 4 mm so fond some 2.5mm wire that was stiff enough, not to deform due to the derailleur spring force.

    Master link fitting aid-chain-tool-1.jpg

    Master link fitting aid-chanin-tool-2.jpg

    And this is what I came up with. Works a treat.

    Now how to ever find it again once I have put it into the bicycle tool box.

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    Nice simple fix for a 3 handed job. well done.

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    Thanks garage nut! We've added your Master Link Tool to our Bicycle category,
    as well as to your builder page: garage nut's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I often use zip ties to hold the chain together until able to get master link in position. Any ideas on preventing the spring clips from disappearing into the grass or the far side of the shop? There must be another universe populated with the darn things along with 1/2 and 9/16 wrenches.

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