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Thread: Mill Tramming Gauge for Christmas

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    Mill Tramming Gauge for Christmas

    A new Tram gauge for my son for Christmas. 1/2" x 3" Stainless mounting rod - turned with a 5/16"-18 mounting tread, 6061 Alu. 1/2" thick plate - Slots milled for the back lug, 2 Dial gauges with 1/4" back lugs, 2 ea 5/16"-18 Stainless Socket Head screws - these I turned with a taper to pass thru the back lug and pull the gauge tight against the plate, 2 ea. 1-1/2" dia. 6061 Alu washers 0.160" thick - these made for the gap between the gauge and the plate and made to fit over the back lug, 1 ea. 3/4" dia x 1" Steel Calibration rod.
    Mill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram5.jpgMill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram1.jpgMill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram2.jpgMill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram3.jpgMill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram4.jpgMill Tramming Gauge for Christmas-travtram6.jpg

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    Thanks Catfish! I've added your Mill Tramming Gauge to our Measuring and Marking and Machining categories, as well as to your builder page: Catfish's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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