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Thread: Valve Cage & Mandrel

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    Valve Cage & Mandrel

    The plastic valve cage inside of my sons Kawasaki Dirt Bike front fork shocks, had blown out due to over pressurization. So we made 2 new ones from 6061 Alu. First we machined the inside bores 4 different dia.'s.
    Then we mounted the cage on a mandrel we made, for the outer dia.'s. The cage outer is actually tapered.
    We modified the cage with 4 milled slots to reduce the internal pressure, this is a mod that the racing boy's do.
    So far they are working great. Fun and complicated project.Valve Cage & Mandrel-valvecage-mandrel3.jpgValve Cage & Mandrel-valvecage-mandrel1.jpgValve Cage & Mandrel-valvecage-mandrel2.jpg

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    That's a nice piece of machining. Me,the best option would have been to just go out and buy the part.

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    Thanks Catfish! I've added your Valve Cage Mandrel to our Machining category, as well as to your builder page: Catfish's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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