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Thread: Perfect controlled demolition of twin chimneys - video

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    Is that backyard frame less pools riged with explosives? Tiny screen here but the blue round shapes are suspicious looking.

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    The way I see it is the water in tanks is blasted not simultaneously with the explosive. The lack of continuous water allows the detritus to scatter after the blast. I think there is less control than the concept may suggest.

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    I think they needed more stages.

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    I guess they figured that the waterfall would come down on the blasted debris as opposed to scren the debris. The blue discs i would suggestare water cannons, prhaps not triggered by a charge themselves but compressed air. But suerly blowing out the base of the building is when the initial cloud is produced so the water screen needs to trigger almost simultaniously in my view. The most water will be at the initial point of firing, that would truely make a wall of water, by the time it reached height and gravity took over the cloud of bebris from the collapse would then be permiating from the site. Smaller particals being damped down reducing the spread.

    Dont you just want to try it to proove their theory.

    I guess they fire it before theb explosion to make sure it gains height and doesnt get blown out sideways with the explosion, which it would.
    ok analysed that one i can go back to sleep now.

    Not being funny but this is a subject which gets men all conversing, Big bangs and and adveaced weaponry usually get us all excited. Young females want to be engineers ? what gets them enthusiastic about the industry. I couldnt go into a workshop without scanning the room and finding someething shiny to look at.
    Destruction, fabrication reconstruction is my thing. If somthing was once built it can be re engineered/repaired or replaced. once you have the skills to carve a wheel in stone you can make another one.

    Air accident investigation is somthing else that fires my interest, fault finding and theorising over deconstruction is a good way of improving ones skills - has an add on benifit of pointing out the pitfalls in a design or aids in applying additional safety awareness to designs and products of your own.

    id love to start a thread based on the difference between grummpy men and our brainey glamour pusses but the PC human race is not ready for that debate yet.
    personally if the little Princesses want to do all the crappy underpaid and dangerous work ive done in my life, feel free. I want to live and be treated like a prince, or as a frind of mine replied to this topic he wants to be a princess.

    It looks like i have taken another oportunity to bang home this pointless gender argument yet again, ok i have but its the fascination of all things engineering which sadly i feel is lacking in this new PC gender neutral thing. I gave myself an electric shock aged ten, i was trying to get an old record player to work. i had the lid off the plug so i could test the fuse, next was to test for mains - i only went and tried to push the plug in without the lid on placing my thumb across the fuse.

    My farther was a framer and my mum a housewife, no one inspired me to be an engineer from a parental point of view. When i hear a young lady say i did that then i will have found a truely inspired young engineering female, especially if she turned up in a car she fixed herself and gets all enthusiastic about demolision.
    There are some young ladies trained in demolision around the world but sadly by wearing a vest.
    Citizen of the "New democratic" Republic of Britain, liberated from the EuroNation

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    Yes, it'd be interesting to know how the water cannons are built, as well as how effective the whole effort is at stopping the debris capable of causing damage to adjacent buildings... or was this only to minimize dust?
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    Quote Originally Posted by McDesign View Post
    Huh - first I've seen that - wonder how well it works?
    I was going to ask, is this evidence of a successful use or a failure?

    Inquiring minds want to know...

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    Well the technique was used in more than one site/job so it seems as if it might have been successful.


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    Watt is about lifting a pound of water 1 foot in 1 sec. It takes 1.345 watts to do so. Let's guess, 500 gals per tank X 8.35 lbs per gal X (lets say) 24 tanks X 1.345 watt per foot X 60 foot=8,086,140 watt or X 1 horsepower per 745.7 watt=10,843.7 horsepower.
    I don't think it's compressed air.

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    No dust, just mud everywhere.

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    I'm caught up figuring what 10.8k hp of compressed air would look like
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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