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Thread: Quick and dirty press

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    Quick and dirty press

    Hi all, This one came about when i needed to press the bump of a pulley cover out a bit more to clear a new bolt.
    This is what i needed to press out more.
    Quick and dirty  press-20150611_183343.jpg

    So I grabbed a couple of sockets of different sizes to suit and set them up in the vice with the piece in between them.
    Quick and dirty  press-20150611_183439.jpg

    Gave the vice a good twist or 2 until it had pressed enough
    And this is how it came out
    Quick and dirty  press-20150611_183349.jpg

    This one you can see where the bolt head rubbed. Not any more!
    Quick and dirty  press-20150611_183356.jpg

    I should also mention i have used this same press setup to press bearings out as getting the right size to match the bearing is piece of cake.
    Also done this to press pins out of bike chain using a steel rod (bit smaller than the pin) on one side and small 1/4" socket which works well.

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    Very nice friend .
    thanks for sharing...

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    Sorry my mistakes in english.
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    Thanks baskarz! I've added your Press to our Brakes and Presses category, as well as to your builder page: baskarz's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Quick and dirty indeed. Thanks for the tip!

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