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Thread: Replacement bases for Swingarm Adjustable Desk Lamps

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    Replacement bases for Swingarm Adjustable Desk Lamps

    I have several swingarm adjustable desk lamps that I use in my home shop. Eventually the plastic bases used to clamp the lights to the workbench will become brittle with age and break. I decided to replace the bases with wood bases made from oak scrapes and have the bases either clamped or attached directly with screws to the workbench or to the nearby walls behind the workbenches. I machined aluminum bushings and inserted these into the oak to act as pivot points for the lamp swingarms. Also used thin wall brass tubing inserted into the oak bases to be used to hold the bent metal clamps that came with the original plastic bases. In other cases I just used wood screws to attach the oak bases directly to the workbench or walls. I hope this gives the readers some ideas for placing the swingarm desk lamps where these can provide the best light for working at the bench.

    Paul Jones

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    Very nice. I like the wall-mounted one best.

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    Thanks Paul! I've added your Replacement Lamp Bases to our Woodworking category, as well as to your builder page: Paul Jones' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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