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Thread: Road sign cleaning truck- photo

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    Saw a video of these in action loooong ago. One funny one was that it was cleaning a reflector or snow post and all of a sudden that post took off like a rocket. Those things are powerfull.

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    Great bits of kit! A few years ago, before I retired, I, along with, one of my clients, traveled to the Mulag factories in Germany for a training course covering some of the brush cutting equipment being fitted to an MB Unimog, which was specially adapted to run on rail tracks in the Kent, (UK) area. The thing that sticks in my mind the most is, the hotel we stayed in, which was halfway up the side of a mountain had ‘roller shutters’ in front of the balcony doors/windows which had to be closed every evening due to Black Bears which apparently used to climb up looking for food! Some of the Unimogs could be fitted with a special ‘fatman’ Door extension which allowed a passenger to sit facing the side to operate an additional third flail mower arm whilst the driver controlled the front mounted and rear deck mounted side deployed units. A selection of cutting heads could be fitted ranging from a normal flail, a safety mulcher , which didn’t throw cuttings everywhere, to a FreeZone cutter which was similar to the multiple circular saw blade things you see hanging below helicopters for cutting trees etc in forests! A scary piece of kit. Hence the name FreeZone, no one could be anywhere near it in operation.

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