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Thread: Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.

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    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.

    I've looked at cycle maintenance stands in the store obviously, but found it difficult to justify the cost for the few times I actually need one, That said, I was really struggling to set up a rear derailleur gear set with the bike on the ground this week. So methinks, what’s in the shop that I can quickly use to hold this flaming bicycle still whilst I adjust the settings?

    This is what I came up with using a pallet bearer (2"x4") a hinge, a 22mm drill and a quick clamp (or three!)...

    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.-drill-hole.jpg Drill a 22mm hole all the way through the long side.

    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.-saw-down-timber.jpg Saw down the middle about 8" or so, through the centre of your new hole.

    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.-crosscut.jpg Cross cut it off and screw a hinge over the cut, reattaching it.

    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.-stand-details.jpg The details (if you can call them that!)

    Rough and Ready Bicycle Stand for Repairs and Maintenance.-stand-use.jpg Bike stand in action on my lads 'rat bike' project....

    I then clamped my new cycle stand to an old builders trestle I had, but you could just as easily use a longer length of 2"x4" and screw it to a tree or the side of the shed etc. I'm going to screw mine to the wall in the garage on a bracket/hinge so that it can be stowed out of the way for the 99% of the time I don't use it lol!

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    Nice Ian. I volunteer at a bike coop teaching maintenance, but do my own stuff at home 'cause I can't get any peace at the coop to work on my own stuff. I too haven't been able to justify the cost, but this is sweet. Suggestion: Next time a tube dies throw it in the clamp. IIRC a stand I stumbled across had used a section of 3/4" (sorry standard metric size??) black pipe as the upright in a zee configuration. The bottom leg of the zee had a cross member, making it, LOL, a zee with a tee Just for those who don't have a saw horse. Another option for those who have one is a, as marketed in the US anyway, Black and Decker Workmate. You do have to pay close attention to the center of gravity.


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