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Thread: Shopsmith 10ER Miter Stop

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    Shopsmith 10ER Miter Stop

    Shopsmith 10ER Miter Stop-20150510_114705.jpgShopsmith 10ER Miter Stop-20150506_180452.jpg

    Here's a nifty tool that's right out of the Shopsmith 10ER 'Bible', written by R.J. De Christoforo "Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone" (1953 edition). Following the setup of my 10ER, I soon set to work trying out all the different attachments and accessories, that came with the machine. But one accessory for the table saw, appeared to be missing...a length (or depth?) stop for the miter gauge! The original miter stop made by Magna Engineering, Inc (the original makers of the Shopsmith), looked to be a pretty simple affair, and therefor easily duplicated. So I set about making one for my 10ER.

    With some bright tool steel or 'drill rod' to hand, I simply sectioned it into two pieces; one long and the other short. Next I machined a short bit of 1" x 1" x 1 1/2" mild steel bar (cold rolled), with holes for the drill rod, then threaded holes for thumb screws. The original appears to have been made using a casting, but either way my version of it works exactly the same way; and has proven to be 'dead-nuts-on' every time!


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    Thanks for sharing I will have to make one like yours for my mark v. Never even thought about making one before but it would really come in handy.

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    I like your details and photos. I definitely plan to make a similar miter stop for my old Rockwell Delta table saw. My saw's miter gauge head has the cross holes for the adding this type of stop. Thanks for posting this!

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    Thanks EclecticNeophyte! I've added your Shopsmith Miter Stop to our Woodworking category, as well as to your builder page: EclecticNeophyte's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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