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Thread: Show Us Your Bent Wrenches!

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    Show Us Your Bent Wrenches!

    One of the things that made me join was seeing the logo for Homemadetool, the bent wrench. I've had to bend some cheap wrenches in my time. But as I was searching through my toolbox I came across one and wondered if there had even been a bent wrench post.

    In my last tour as a wage slave I was millwright/mechanic on fruit packing equipment. One of the most complicated jobs that I inherited was building the scale section on a Pomone sizer. It was a very tricky complicated separate section that had to be build separately and then installed. I wish I had a picture because I can't begin to explain how complicated and tight it was to work on. So adjusting each scale foot that was a double nutted affair with tolerances around .001 was as little fun as I ever had twisting wrenches. So one day this came to me and it saved my life and what little hair I have left. It's basically a Craftsman 7/16" wrench mated to a 7/16" deep socket with the special grind and bend on the open end. Please excuse the stubby mit, but I felt it was important to show how this fit my hand.

    Show Us Your Bent Wrenches!-scalewrencha.jpgShow Us Your Bent Wrenches!-scalewrenchb.jpgShow Us Your Bent Wrenches!-scalewrenchc.jpg

    Ok, next?

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    Thanks C-Bag! I've added your Wrench to our Metalworking category, as well as to your builder page: C-Bag's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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