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Thread: Slicing open a phone battery - GIF

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    Slicing open a phone battery - GIF

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    I was already sliding my chair back from the monitor.

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    D'OH! Must be something wrong with this knife.
    If you can't make it precise make it adjustable.

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    That breath of Lithium that made her cough should calm her down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moby Duck View Post
    That breath of Lithium that made her cough should calm her down.
    Maybe permanently. Florine gas isn't something to play with.
    Here is an excerpt of a study of burning lithium batteries.

    "This study covered a broad range of commercial Li-ion battery cells with different chemistry, cell design and size and included large-sized automotive-classed cells, undergoing fire tests. The method was successful in evaluating fluoride gas emissions for a large variety of battery types and for various test setups.

    Significant amounts of HF, ranging between 20 and 200 mg/Wh of nominal battery energy capacity, were detected from the burning Li-ion batteries. The measured HF levels, verified using two independent measurement methods, indicate that HF can pose a serious toxic threat, especially for large Li-ion batteries and in confined environments. The amounts of HF released from burning Li-ion batteries are presented as mg/Wh. If extrapolated for large battery packs the amounts would be 2–20 kg for a 100 kWh battery system, e.g. an electric vehicle and 20–200 kg for a 1000 kWh battery system, e.g. a small stationary energy storage. The immediate dangerous to life or health (IDLH) level for HF is 0.025 g/m3 (30 ppm)22 and the lethal 10 minutes HF toxicity value (AEGL-3) is 0.0139 g/m3 (170 ppm)23. The release of hydrogen fluoride from a Li-ion battery fire can therefore be a severe risk and an even greater risk in confined or semi-confined spaces."

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