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Thread: Small hand pin vise

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    Small hand pin vise

    I just bought a very small 0.3 to 4mm drill chuck from Chronos, would be great for a small sensitive drill.
    Small hand pin vise-pinvice-01.jpg

    I turned mine into a small hand pinvice
    Small hand pin vise-pinvice-02.jpg

    A few more pictures and details are here: Pinvice –

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    Very nice and great idea and with the opening of the chuck there is a lot that will fit. Very nice.

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    Nice, Love your chuck key. Also is a great web site! Thanks for posting.


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    If you make one of these think about drilling an axial hole all the way through the handle. This allows you to hold long wires, rods, etc. in order to grind the ends, etc..

    Most, though not all, small pin vises have axial holes as described for just this reason.

    Another handy bit is to mount a freely turning sleeve on the pin vise handle; I normally mount it right behind the chuck. Then, to grind a point on a rod, grasp the sleeve and spin the pin vise that holds the rod with the other hand. A handle that threads into the sleeve can make this operation easier. In another variation the sleeve can be grasped in the bench vise and the part turned to perform filing operations on it. Other applications will suggest themselves to you.

    Many pin vises employ collets or, worse, come in sets, one for each of a selection of sizes. Making a vise with a continuously adjustable chuck as was done by the OP overcomes these limitations very nicely. Very small adjustable chucks can be expensive but the ones made for Dremel tools...

    are quite reasonable. I used one of these to make a small pin vise...

    Small hand pin vise-pinvise.jpg

    As suggested, the handle has a through hole. I still wanted a "spinner" on the top to use when drilling with the vise. The spinner shown is restrained by a tiny 0-80 setscrew that fits into a circumferential groove in the brass spinner. This arrangement allows the spinner to be removed easily when holding long objects.
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    Thanks! We've added your Pin Vise to our Workholding category,
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