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Thread: Stationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand

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    Stationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand

    New ones can be purchased cheap. I have one.

    But I had a box of rollers, and found some fittings and a pair of old conduit tubes that were telescoping and already threaded. The rest was easy. The machines were even in the right place.

    Stationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand-a905bc53-225b-4a65-beb8-247525c69618.jpgStationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand-4dd9dc1c-da42-482a-94b6-e7498c9518ba.jpg

    Stationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand-4b02ec48-1955-4e02-90ef-1931bdb38fc7.jpgStationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand-6dff9124-c4bd-43ad-ba51-278c0518239d.jpg

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    Stationary adjustable height outfeed roller stand
    Quote Originally Posted by threesixesinarow View Post
    New ones can be purchased cheap. I have one.
    Me too. And no surprise, it works like a cheap stand.
    Bought 4 old ones on Craigslist at almost identical price of unhappy import device.
    The different parties won't be introduced, as I'm sure one cannot influence other to change.
    Old ones of course work fine!
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    Cheap or expensive bought or homemade, Aside from wanting the stands to be the correct height relative to the machine of work piece. I have but 1 requirement. that it is stable and doesn't move when the work piece is moved.
    Threesixesinarow's stand fits that all important requirement. Obviously having it mounted to the floor is the key in his case. Having his machines positioned so the stand can be shared by either is another plus hence the need for only 1 stand to serve multiple machines.

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