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Thread: Threaded inserts for wood; installation tool.

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    Threaded inserts for wood; installation tool.

    There is a post about screwing in diecast threaded inserts for wood projects. It was a threaded shaft to match the insert, and a nut to transfer torque to the body in a positive manner, sufficient to engage and cut threads.
    Per recall he had several to thus place, and a cordless driver would work well.
    However, this is to affix 540 of the little buggers overhead, so threaded aspect not so attractive. There is a 8mm/ .323 hexagon for driving and a 6.17mm/ .243 pilot a close fit to minor diameter of the 5/16-18 threads.
    One used a broken APEX bit with 7/16" chuck hex probably 63Rc, the other was milled and ground from solid 01, not to be heat treated OHTS. As the inserts are Zamak, doubtful any visual wear will occur. Drive to depth, stop tool and the arbor just slips out.
    Would still like one to work as the threaded arbor, to drive with a tapping head, and drill press. At 100-180 RPM non stop you could hold them to engage and the tapping head would reverse on withdrawal, to be less labor intensive. Because? I'd rather do this work at bench height!
    Threaded inserts for wood; installation tool.-insert_driver.jpg
    The photo depiction of the nylon wedges is not ideal; but I find all manner of uses for them. They are used by plumbers to secure footing of water closets [loo] [John Crapper's contribution to civilization, however controversial] to not rock despite tightening floor bolts. 3 pair = 3 bucks. As matching wedges, they'll operate singly or paired, with interlocking ribs to secure an adjustment.

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