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Thread: Yet another binding trimmer jig

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    Yet another binding trimmer jig

    OK, I know this has probably been done by many others but I thought I'd have a go at making a Binding Trimmer jig. After much searching online and knowing my limited skills I came up with this one. In conjunction with a cradle to hold the guitar body I hope it works out. The testing I have done on scraps seems to work really well so far.

    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1239325_396159883842916_1127926526_o.jpg

    This is a replacement base for the Laminate trimmer. It allows the clearance needed. It's made from a Jarrah base and a Merbau 'ring' that I made on a drill press of all things.

    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1238087_396160873842817_1092216237_n.jpg

    This is the replacement base on the trimmer. The StewMac router bit fits in nicely.

    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1236635_396160850509486_436172354_n.jpg

    And this is the trimmer attached to the jig.

    Yet another binding trimmer jig-7666_396160883842816_453124138_n.jpg

    This is the cradle for the guitar body. It is adjustable to allow for a range of guitar sizes and shapes.

    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1239032_396161013842803_1849739012_n.jpg

    A friend who is a repairer kindly donated a junker that he had received from a local high school. I think they were just wanting someone else to throw it out. Anyway, I actually had to re-glue the back and top to the sides just so I could do my testing.

    I did say it was a junker!

    The cradle works like a charm.
    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1270926_396696803789224_1948911519_o.jpg

    The results. Yes, the binding routing works exactly as hoped for.
    Yet another binding trimmer jig-1236819_396696800455891_600869300_n.jpg

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    Thanks MartinTaylor! I've added your Binding Trimmer Jig to our Woodworking category, as well as to your builder page: MartinTaylor's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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