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Thread: Homemade Plectrum Punch

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    Homemade Plectrum Punch

    Hi, having recently got into 3-string cigar box guitars, I was finding myself losing grip on the plectrum quite often so I made up this little rough and ready punch to make slightly larger plectrums, which my old hands would be able to grip a bit better, and so it turned out.
    This simple idea could maybe be used for other shapes when punching thin plastic like credit cards, etc
    Here it is:-

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    Thanks brianhw! We've added your Plectrum Punch to our Miscellaneous category,
    as well as to your builder page: brianhw's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I am no musician myself (wish I was) but appricate the tool to make the plectrum. Thank you for sharing the video, this too is nice and simply to use.

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    brianhw; that qualifies 100% as die set. I'm impressed.
    While swiveling is not common, the stiff hinge controls alignment correctly for punch to enter die 'centered'. Normal dies slide on pins and bushings. Your die is a blanking tool. Item sought is plectrum, remainder is fall off [scrap]. Piercing dies are opposite; item sought is surrounding material, remainder is scrap, often called the slug.
    In either case, punches can be angled to produce shearing action. That angle can generate one or more shear edges, when center [peak] cuts first those are called 'rooftop' punches. The spacer provided in yours makes it more parallel. You mention the hand filed perimeters fit 'so-so', but the die side does far more to control resulting shape and size than the punch. Gap between punch and die is called 'clearance', and is adjusted primarily according to material, thickness, and total length of part profile(s). Those lead to calculations of tonnage needed to operate the die for parts Most of us describe the space in thousandths 'per side'. Something like a washer might have .012 per side; both around ID and OD. A larger plate of same material and thickness would be spaced equally on each edge, and need more tonnage.
    Following site link has descriptions of die work elements and basic tooling, I've posted it before, as one of my favorite references.
    This one has Ms. Toolmaker51 re-dedicating work to decorative work. The physics are identical.
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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Congratulations brianhw - your Plectrum Punch is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    This is both a really original tool (I believe our first plectrum punch?), and a good example of your personal "I-found-these-old-parts-lying-around" tool building style, which is greatly appreciated around here.

    Another week with multiple very high quality tools. Here are some nice picks:

    Miter Datumizer by Toolmaker51
    Fly Cutter by Canobi
    Mini Mill Pallet by jjr2001
    Wire Stripper by Eloy Workshop
    Coffee Brewer Forge by jjr2001
    Side Lock Collets by thehomeengineer
    Power Tapping Adaptor by jjr2001
    Horizontal Bandsaw Support Stand by Toolmaker51
    Magnetic Welding Fixture by Captainleeward
    Belt Sander by Nick Jonkman
    Leadscrew Reverser by Cascao
    Pneumatic Belt Grinder Modification by th62
    Swarf Pickup Tool by thehomeengineer
    Disc and Drum Sander by Nick Jonkman
    Cross Slide Dial Indicator System by mapp
    Power Transformer by rendoman
    Center Height Setup for Internal Lathe Tool by thehomeengineer

    brianhw - you'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon, PayPal, Giftrocket, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and gift card choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

    More importantly - this is your 5th Homemade Tool of the Week win!

    You join this elite list of 5-Time Homemade Tool of the Week winners: rossbotics, Christophe Mineau, Brendon, mklotz, Vyacheslav.Nevolya, Tuomas, olderdan, tonyfoale.

    I've added the silver wrench-on-pedestal graphic to the awards showcase in your postbit, visible underneath your avatar.

    Here are all of your wins:

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    Yet again I'm astonished to win the Tool of the Week award. Thanks to every one who voted for this simple tool.

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