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Thread: Mod to cheap 4"x36" belt sander

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanLins View Post
    Also, it doesn't try to wander around on the bench since I added that 1/2" thick steel plate under it.

    Dan L
    I am surprised that you needed that. I have no problems with mine wandering.

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    I have the same sander with the same shortcomings. I also found that when trying to plumb my shop vac into the dust collection port on the back, that when the vac was turned on, the belt would not turn... there was not enough clearance between the belt and the port to get adequate airflow, and not enough torque in the stock motor to overcome the suction. Ultimately, I just wound up scrapping the back of the unit and the flimsy plastic disc sander portion, swapped out the motor with an old craftsman, and bent up a slightly better 'table' that will ultimately have to be replaced with something like the one you built here.

    Nice build ��

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