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Thread: 3HP 3PH Rotary Converter with Auto-start circuit

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    3HP 3PH Rotary Converter with Auto-start circuit

    3HP 3PH Rotary Converter with Auto-start circuit-montage.jpg

    I needed 3 phase power, to drive the motor on my Asian Mill-Drill. A friend that is in the HVAC business, gave me most of the parts used in the construction of my 'new' 3 HP rotary converter. Nearly all of the parts, were salvaged from old decommissioned commercial HVAC units; which translates to huge cost savings!

    It uses a 'potential relay' to automatically remove the starting capacitor from the circuit, once the 3HP idler motor is up to speed. Very handy and convenient! The start/stop buttons (and box), were salvaged from an old department store cardboard compactor...


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    Thanks EclecticNeophyte! I've added your 3-Phase Rotary Converter to our Electrical category, as well as to your builder page: EclecticNeophyte's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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