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Thread: Angle grinder straight edge cutting guide

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    Angle grinder straight edge cutting guide

    Today's project is an angle grinder straight edge guide that starts off as a modified store bought angle grinder guard. (Harbor Freight angle grinder safety guard 61680)

    I've had that guard for a few years and never used it because it tended to wander away from the straight edge during cutting. To solve that problem, I modified it as shown. I also improved the cutter depth adjustment so it's much easier to use for gradual depth cuts in thick material.

    Now you just clamp the 3/4 angle iron guide to the material and the "new and improved" guard rides along making a perfect cut every time. (thick material can be gradually cut in small increments safely) Say good-bye to that dreded wander!

    Black angle grinder shown is a Harbor Freight 4.3 amp angle grinder 69645.

    Angle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g1.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g2.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g3.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g4.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g5.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g6.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g7.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g8.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g9.jpgAngle grinder straight edge cutting guide-g10.jpg
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    Straightforward, clear pictures and text, no endless youtoob to watch only to not see the critical step 'cause it's out of focus and zooms by in a second, I'd upvote this 1000 times. Very nice!

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