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Thread: Band Saw Out Feed Table

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    Band Saw Out Feed Table

    I have thought about building an out feed table for my 4x6 band saw. A few days ago I was cutting a chunk of steel and I did not catch it in time. The piece fell to the ground, catching the chip tray on the way, and I let loose a couple of swear words. The whole thing startled my wife, who came in expecting to see blood all over the place.

    Time to build an out feed table.

    I found a piece of 1.5 x 1.25 aluminum bar about 4.5 inches long, a piece of 5.5 x 6 x ľ aluminum plate and a piece of 2 x 2 x ľ aluminum angle.

    My saw has a small ground area on the out feed side of the blade. The first thing I did was to measure the angle between the ground surface and the unground casting.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-01-measure-angle.jpeg

    Then I made a pair of angle bars to that angle, and cut the top surface of the 1.5 x 1.25 bar to match that angle. (See link below.)

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-02-specially-made-angle-blocks.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-03-block-place.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-04-ready-base-block.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-05-cutting-base.jpeg

    I used the angle bars again when I drilled and tapped the holes for the table.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-06-tapping-base.jpeg

    I used small slots to mount the angle iron (aluminum) to the new table so I could make any adjustments to align it with the fixed vise jaw.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-07-parts-ready-assemble.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-08-parts-assembled.jpeg

    To align everything up, I clamped a bar in the saw vice, then clamped the out feed table to the bar.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-09-aligning-parts.jpeg

    Once I was satisfied everything was in alignment, I used a transfer punch to carry the holes from my new base to the cast iron of the saw.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-10-two-holes-drilled-saw.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-11-base-place.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-12-everyting-assembled.jpeg

    One thing I did not anticipate was to provide access to the set screw for the built in cut off gauge. I rarely use it, but I thought I should still drill an access hole. This is visible on the next picture.

    The new out feed table precludes me using the factory stop block for anything less than 7 inches from the blade, but it will work if I need it for longer pieces. I am considering a stop block to fit on the fixed jaw extension, but most of my work is one off pieces, so I havenít done that yet.

    With everything mounted and aligned, the final step was to cut the aluminum angle to length. This close fit seems fine now, but it may become an issue when I install a new blade or if the current blade gets knocked out of alignment. It would be an easy task to file it back a bit.

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-13-fence-cut-length.jpeg

    Band Saw Out Feed Table-14-finished.jpeg

    I hope this inspires some one.

    Comments and questions are welcome.

    Details about making the specialized angle blocks can be found here:
    Specialized Angle Blocks

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    Thanks Karl_H! We've added your Bandsaw Outfeed Table to our Bandsaws category,
    as well as to your builder page: Karl_H's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    How would you cut mitred pieces ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caliper Ken View Post
    How would you cut mitred pieces ??
    I have never cut a miter on a long piece, so I hadn't really thought about it.
    The fixed jaw "extension" is mounted with 3 screws from the bottom (photo 8), so it could be easily removed.
    When I have cut angled cuts on small pieces, I mount them on a palette with a couple of strap clamps, so I don't have to fiddle with re-aligning the fixed jaw.

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