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Thread: Coronavirus and homemade tools

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    Seems like some Chinese outlets whips out loads of discount ozone generators:

    Coronavirus and homemade tools-ozone-gen.jpg

    Advertised as a do-all, cure-all method "for use in the home, hotel room, conference centre, karaoke bar, car, RV" etc.
    Specs for this particular unit is sparse, but it seems to be of the "Corona Discharge" type*,
    pulls half an amp (at 220 VAC only) that equals 110W,
    and thus cranks out a hefty 24 g/h of ozone - which could be detrimental to the stuff you're curing:

    I've read in another forum thread from a dude working for a fire sanitizing company,
    who'd just bought a really cheap car from a chain smoker:
    He got the brilliant idea to borrow one 250 W Heavy Duty ozone generator from work,
    and run it overnite in the car to rid it form the smell.

    He got the car free of smell, all right - but all rubber parts within the compartment had petrified,
    giving him a hell of a time to even get the unit back out, as all rubber seals had fixed the doors positively shut.
    I never posted asking whether he scrapped the car or tried to refit everything "rubberish" inside.

    My small unit pulls a mere 15 watts and gives plentiful of ozone for my 9 cubic meter hallway.

    Two cents & YMMV


    *Corona discharge units also "provide" Nitrous Oxide - which could lead to respiratory problems, established earlier in this thread:
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    Ford created a software patch to kill Coronavirus in NYC police vehicles, using the cars' heaters.

    And that’s when an engineer at Ford realized: They didn’t need bleach to kill COVID-19 when the car’s own heater could do the job instead. And over the process of just 40 days, the auto company created a software patch that could upgrade the Interceptors to self-sterilize with the climate control system in just 15 minutes, no elbow grease required. (That patch is currently being installed on NYC police vehicles, and it’s offered to police officers free nationwide through dealers, though Ford is unsure how many have received the update to date.)
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