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Thread: Height Marking Gauge/Magnifier stand all-in-one

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    Height Marking Gauge/Magnifier stand all-in-one

    This height gauge was made for marking the cut line around the tops of LPG bottles but can be used to mark all manner of things.
    The magnifier is one of the most used accessories in my workshop, I use it every day!
    My first few lines were done with the marker pen taped to a tool cabinet but was a pain to set right.
    This stand was made from an old lamp and a scrap aluminium block.
    I drilled a hole in the block for the stand then tapped it for a locking screw. I then measured the magnifier handle and marker pen and drilled those holes in the block. The one locking screw holds the block at the correct height and also snugs up against the marker pen.
    Thats about it sure improvements can be made but for me it does the job perfectly.

    Height Marking Gauge/Magnifier stand all-in-one-sam_0979.jpg
    Height Marking Gauge/Magnifier stand all-in-one-sam_0984.jpg
    Height Marking Gauge/Magnifier stand all-in-one-sam_0981.jpg

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    Thanks Colin70! I've added your Height Gauge and Magnifier Stand to our Metalworking and Measuring and Marking categories, as well as to your builder page: Colin70's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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