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Thread: Shortened Pallet Jack by 18 inches

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    Shortened Pallet Jack by 18 inches

    The pallet jack I purchased on sale came 48″ long and I need it to be 30″ to fit under my Machine Tools; therefore, the purpose of this project is to shorten my pallet jack by 18″.

    Possibly I could have purchased a shorter one but where is the fun in that?

    Full Post with over 100 photos at:
    Shortening My Pallet Jack by 18″ | CTM Projects

    Shortened Pallet Jack by 18 inches-002-palletjack.jpg

    The fun challenge of this project was to cut apart and then re-weld back together a ‘shorter’ pallet jack, while disassembling as few parts as possible.

    Other than taking off the handle to make it easier to flip over on the welding table, the only parts I needed to remove where 2 pins and their snap-rings.

    Shortened Pallet Jack by 18 inches-017-palletjack.jpg

    It was a fun project.

    Shortened Pallet Jack by 18 inches-115-palletjack.jpg

    -- CHEERS!!

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    Thanks MetalDesigner! I've added your Pallet Jack Modification to our Metalworking and Jacks and Lifts categories, as well as to your builder page: MetalDesigner's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That's a nice mod!

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