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Thread: help required in the design of this tool.. or do you know of one already made?

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    help required in the design of this tool.. or do you know of one already made?

    Hello, i am looking to design a device to lay down a thin strip of fine grit or glass beads around the outside of a cylinder edge, i have the cylinders already made and with use the edges get polished as it makes contact with the rubber roller and the items slip, my idea was to lay down some glue or similar sticky substance and have the device as the cylinder rotates the device would lay down the grit onto a uniform covering onto the cylinder.
    Has anyone seen a device like this for sale or an idea already made? or any suggestions?

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    I'm a little hazy with what you are needing but what came to mind was a solution we used for box conveyer's in fruit packing. When the metal drive rollers started slipping on the rubber/pvc belts we'd wrap step anti slip stick on's Stick 'n Step, The Durable, Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Safety Tread on the roller. When it wore out just peel and stick some new stuff.

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    There is a Grip Tape, for wrapping things like tennis rackets and the like. Is old fashioned electricians friction tape still available? How about sport tape, nearly same but white. It will all depend on surface of material you wish to drive. Are there two parallel rollers, and are they actually parallel? One driven roller under a freewheeling and float for direct contact might work too.
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    MY first thought was to knurl the surface of the cylinder. My second thought would be to apply belt dressing like that used in old line shaft machine shops with flat belts the belt dressing could be continuously applied in very small amounts by thinning it and forcing it through a mastic type spray nozzle. any grit or friction material you apply would eventually have to be replenished, plus the grit possibly could cause wear to what ever you are trying to drive.
    Not knowing the diameters and lengths of the device you are making or already have made it is impossible to even begin to calculate the coefficient of friction for the given surface area. nor is there any data of the type of bearings your are using in your cylinders that may be creating rolling resistance creating what many call stiction.

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