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Thread: Modifying Socket Head Cap Screws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wmrra13 View Post

    Cool trick!

    How did you hold the bolts to do the center drilling? Put nuts on and held them in the 3-jaw?


    Gee....over 2 years & still no answer to this question?🤔

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildwilly View Post
    Gee....over 2 years & still no answer to this question?��
    K.........I'll step in.
    Two nuts can work with
    Scattered here at are 'lantern chucks', and best over all solution.
    Next, with less initial labor.......
    Coupling nuts [the long type] are better, just back the hex or socket up against a solid stop to not back out when cutter takes hold.
    Or coupler nut in jaws with washer and lock nut in front. Good thing about nuts of course with hex bolts [HHCS] are same size, secure clamping and alignment. I keep handy at least two of any sizes I come across.
    Socket Head Cap Screws [SHCS] the nut and washer work.
    Or slip them in through back side of collet, in a collet block, chucked in jaws.
    Doing a lot? Pick collet larger than screw head, make a headed bushing with screw diameter, saw cut one side open, partially on the other. When it breaks or flub the cutting, the head continues to orient as it was made. Plus it's a handle to retrieve from chuck or collet.
    Or in mill, block in vise, just like above. Set a stop, dial in and go to town.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Awesome, love the coupler nut idea, I use those things for various tasks around the shop.

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