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Thread: Panel Joggler

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    Panel Joggler

    Hi this is my first submission on here although I have seen one of my jobs uploaded from the Instructable website.

    I have some new panels to go on my car and although I have welded several cars and bikes up before this time I wanted to overlap the panels for a better job and for that I needed an edge joggler I could have bought one but it's more fun to make having looke at several made using vice-grips I had a pair ready to go when I spotted my door skin edging tool and I decided to adapt that instead so the main arm part was remade to still fold door edges and with the beefed up block I used I could add a slot and reverse the nylon block and it was all good to go.

    Panel Joggler-2013-10-20-16.20.58.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-13.56.15.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-13.59.58.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-14.04.29.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-14.55.49.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-15.20.34.jpgPanel Joggler-2013-10-20-15.20.56.jpg

    I know the slot isn't the straightest but it will suffice for this job I may comeback to it and change it a little.

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    Thanks richthemechanic! I've added your Panel Joggler to our Automotive and Metalworking categories, as well as to your builder page: richthemechanic's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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