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Thread: Portable Compressed Air

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    Portable Compressed Air

    Here is a easy way to have compressed air whenever and wherever you need it. First you will need an air compressor capable of pumping up to 3000 psi(207 bar).
    Portable Compressed Air-img_2314.jpg Portable Compressed Air-img_2315.jpg Portable Compressed Air-img_2316.jpg
    I use an old MAKO compressor.
    Next you will need one or more SCUBA tanks. I have eight.
    Portable Compressed Air-img_2323.jpg
    Then you will need a yoke and regulator.Portable Compressed Air-img_2317.jpg
    I only fill mine to 2500psi.Portable Compressed Air-img_2318.jpg
    They will last a surprisingly long time and you will always have air when you need it...

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    Also have made a DIY compressor rig for SCUBA diving.
    I used a WW2 3000 PSI compressor modified to use a belt driven 110 VAC motor.
    For filtering we used a proper pressure vessel and tampons to trap any oils and impurities.
    To be on safer side we used vegetable oils.

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