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Thread: Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL

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    Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL

    I have been following the wonderful tool making work for small faceplate clamps at the website Faceplate Clamps - Adventures in Watchmaking**. The original designs were for use on a Cowells 90CW lathe and I adapted mine to fit a similar sized lathe which is a Unimat SL 1000.

    Below I photographed the new clamps on one of the pages to my machining notebooks that I use to keep copies of my design drawings, notes, and sometimes example photos downloaded from other websites. The grid paper is handy for sketching ideas during the construction. This way I keep a record of my work in case I want to make more of the same parts.

    In addition I included photos of the faceplate clamps under construction using the Unimat milling head to align a small 4-40 tap for threading. The thin wood strips prevent marring the brass. Later, I replaced the hex head machine screws needed to level the clamp with stainless steel 4-40 cap screws which are easier to adjust with an Allen wrench (yes these are small tool parts but very suitable for the Unimat). Shown in the posted photos are the faceplate clamps attached to an improved faceplate than the standard one supplied with the Unimat (see posting )

    Paul Jones
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL-small-faceplate-clamps-used-homemade-unimat-faceplate.jpg   Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL-faceplate-clamps-stored-unimat-cabinet.jpg   Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL-taping-4-40-thread-leveling-screw-clamp.jpg   Small Faceplate Clamps for the Unimat SL-using-unimat-tap-4-40-leveling-screw-thread-clamp.jpg  
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    Thanks Paul! I've added your Faceplate Clamps to our Machining and Workholding categories, as well as to your builder page: Paul Jones' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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