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Thread: Soviet N1 lunar rocket launch - GIF

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    Soviet N1 lunar rocket launch - GIF

    The N1 was a super heavy launch vehicle built by the Soviet Union in the 1960s as an answer to the U.S.-made Saturn V. All four launch attempts failed and the program was canceled in 1976.


    Wernher von Braun and the Saturn V - photo
    Von Braun Ferry Rocket - photo
    Soyuz rocket booster separation - GIF
    SpaceX Falcon boosters landing - GIF
    Saturn I first stage assembly plant - photo

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    Actually they had gotten up into the air. And the launch before the final attempt was a big problem killing the designer Korolev. The replacement designer was not in any way able to sort the system out. The design had catastrophic vibrations that caused serious problems. They were getting sorted until the untimely death of Korolev. It was a race and the Russians lost that one. Interesting history though.

    N1 moon rocket

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    Korolyev died on the operating table in 1966, possibly during a botched hemorrhoid surgery. He had many health issues, some broght on by his time in prison, some by the intense workload as the Chief Designer.

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