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Thread: Tractor-driven ambulance - video

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    This got me thinking about how the Amish handle emergencies. There's a good description here...

    But, having worked summers in Lancaster county while in college, I was intrigued by this paragraph in the above reference...

    The Gordonville Fire and Ambulance Association is primarily a volunteer agency that serves the heart of the Amish country. When a call for a fire or EMS is received, a siren is sounded, and a non-Amish member of the department will drive a predetermined route to pick up the Amish members on the way to the station. The system seems to work well. The fire trucks have enlarged cabs to carry the extra manpower (often five to six members)—a necessary feature because the Amish can’t drive.

    Not exactly a quick workaround but their quirky religion offers the standard excuse: if they get there too late and the victim(s) die, it was the will of the god.
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    I'd prefer not to be lugged around in that, but then again the occupants would probably say the same: perfect seat for the doctor also.

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    The towed unit looks like an old Ford Transit Low-Line Hanlon conversion cut down, the parked unit looks like a Wadham Stringer demountable on a Ford Transit cut down, I've worked in and on both on the mainland, whilst the ride won't be as comfortable it's better than some other options

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