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I was broaching keyways by moving the carriage (elbow grease again) back and forth and for the first cuts where I already had the hole, I could increase 0.06 mm for each pass and near the end I was able to increase 0.01 mm per pass. Also from time to time made several passes without increments due to elasticity of gear material. It took me about 5 minutes to make keyway in a gear (#45 steel, thickness 15 mm, hole I.D. 20mm, key 6 x 6 mm; little bit more than 3 mm in gear keyway)

Hi LM,
If you have no more elbow grease, which is one of my problems, on the lathe you can use the mechanical advance if you can separate it from the lathe rotation, it's possible on old lathes and if you have a separate motor for the screw.
A very nice work for your finished gearbox, as I'm very lazy, I use graduated belts in place of mechanical transmission and be always very admired on such work!!!
Have a nice day.