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Thread: My CVT clutch tool

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    My CVT clutch tool

    This is a tool I made up so I could service my CVT clutch. You can buy one at $90.00 but whats the fun in that. Here are a couple of pictures;

    It consists of a all thread rod with some heavy duty fender washers welded to a nut at one end. The top side is just a really heavy duty U-Bolt clamp (used for tower work) and a couple of spacers so that you can get to the large 47mm nut. This is used to compress the spring back down to allow the large nut install.

    My CVT clutch tool-clutch-tool-1.jpg

    My CVT clutch tool-clutch-tool-2.jpg

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    Thanks vader1701! I've added your CVT Clutch Tool to our Automotive and Metalworking categories, as well as to your builder page: vader1701's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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