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Thread: Center Punch Guide

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    Congratulations rossbotics - your Center Punch and Guide is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Some nice picks from this week: a Brake Turning Tool by darkoford, a Small Parts Finger Plate by Brendon, HF Crane Mounts by Viny, a Camera Stand by Serra Cabo, Pulley Removal Tools by TexBuxer, a Diamond Toolholder Adapter by rgsparber, and a HF Wire Twisting Pliers Modification by rgsparber.

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    Congratulations. Well deserved.

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    Great job and congratulations on another tool of the week. I'm planning on making one of these and your post is helpful.

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    Excellent tool!
    Have you given any thought to adding a perspex viewing tube (with imbedded crosshairs) to more accurately position the center punch on the work - i.e. similar to the optical center punch at lee valley tools (Veritas® Optical Center Punch - Lee Valley Tools) with its included 8-power monocular or the homemade version featured by knoba on hmt at (Optical centre punch - or is this too fussy for your intended tool use?

    As mklotz noted, truly accurate positioning requires dial gauges, but an optical viewing tube would improve hole placement quite a bit.

    Gary (kngtek)
    Calgary, AB

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    I don't use a center punch enough to even own one besides putting cross hairs in it LOL, this tool was built for the sole purpose of competing and making a tool to post in the home made tools forum, I doubt highly it will ever get struck by a hammer, I'll never use it, I use machine dials and DRO's for everything I do, I'll probably give it to my neighbor for a paper weight, it was just something I wanted to make and share, thanks for your comment.

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