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Thread: Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin

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    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin

    Had to fit a few riv nuts to my kit car chassis. So dug out the old one...home made...very simple.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-old-tool.jpg

    Then I remembered that I did not like this one very much as you were actually using the "nut's" threads to collapse the shoulder.

    I had an idea in my head since the day I made the old one. So a quick dig in the Scarp Bin and this old timer was found.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-old-bolt.jpg Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-8point8.jpg

    Nice soft M16.

    The idea was to drill it out to accept a M6 cap screw to butt up against a shoulder at the bottom and then use the M16 nut to collapse the riv nut shoulder. the bits I wanted.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-i-want.jpg

    I ended up making this modification after the first try with the new tool. A small recess for the riv nut's flange.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-improvement.jpg

    The complete assembly before tightening the M16 Nut. The friction was more from the M16 nut to the angle iron base plate so I ended up turning the bolt part of the tool. I machined 2 flats on it to accept a 14mm spanner.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-assembly.jpg Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-assembly-2.jpg

    And to show it works...Take note of the number of turns required for the desired end result. Turn toooooo much and the whole thing just collapses in a skew mess. This was after 2 full turns.

    Riv Nut Tool - Rises from the Scrap Bin-end-result.jpg

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    nice quickly made simple installation tool,
    I agree that turning a bolt in a riv-nut to collapse it is not the way to go. Far better to simply pull the riv -nut through itself like you did.
    I used to have a riv-nut plier tool that looked similar to a pop rivet tool and one that was an accordion style where you stretched it out threaded the riv-nut on, insert it in the hole then push down on the handle collapsing the accordion. Both worked great where there was sufficient room to operate them but were only good for up to a 1/4 20 or 6 mm for the larger riv-nuts I did much like you have done but usually just left the bolt head on which when ever possible I used a socket head capscrew because they were much stronger.

    PS what I like most about your tool is it was not done in a video format nothing against videos per-say I just prefer explanations and pictures
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    Which kit car?
    Forrest in Atlanta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    PS what I like most about your tool is it was not done in a video format nothing against videos per-say I just prefer explanations and pictures
    Am man after my own heart, Frank!

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    Just to clarify... The M16 bolt is drilled through for the M6 bolt, and counterbored not quite all the way so that the M6's head rests on a shoulder near the bottom of the tool, yes?

    I have one of the pop rivet style rivnut installers, but it doesn't fit into tight areas. I've pulled them with a nut & bolt that fit the rivnut, but keeping it square was a chore.


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    That is correct.

    So first drilled it with a 6.5mm all the way through and then 11mm and leave a 5 to 8mm shoulder at the bottom for the cap screw to but up against.

    Nice thing is you can modify the base plate to fit over a specific square tube and then use it as a drilling guide or if you have lots of riv nuts to fit at a set spacing,make it long enough to mark the next hole while fitting the first one.

    Current Kit car is a Birkin S3, but I have built 3 of them already. Currently planning/building an Atom style car.

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    I like how you made this riv-nut tool. I need to make a similar one for my home shop.

    I have used the spin-spin pneumatic tools and also the spin-pull pneumatic tools at work where we put in a lot of these parts. Many hundreds of thousands per year. The spin-pull tools are much preferred as they spin the nut onto the tool, and then pull to actually set it, and then spin to release. This enhances tool mandrel life and the threads of the riv-nut are in better condition too.
    For reference, the product tools cost anywhere from $2000 to $10,000. But they can set a nutsert in about 10 secs, all day long.

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    The bolt use on rivnuts was how I did it waaaay back when. Still a perfect way if you don't need to do a lot of them. Great explanation, thanks.

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    Thanks garage nut! We've added your Riv Nut Tool to our Fastening category,
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    Congratulations garage nut - your Riv Nut Tool is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    Huge week around here yet again; this was a clever and fairly unique tool among many excellent ones.

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    garage nut - we've added your tool entry to our All Homemade Tool of the Week winners post. And, you'll now notice the wrench-on-pedestal award in the awards showcase in your postbit, visible beneath your username:

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    Nice work!

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