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Thread: Homebuilt 9mm Handgun Suppressor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    Ok now that all of the clap flap is over and done with.
    There is one question I've not read either asked or answered.
    My limited experience with various sound suppressing devices attached to a fire arm has shown some to reduce the muzzle velocity by varying amounts some to the point of a noticeable amount of additional recoil felt in the weapon also greatly reducing the foot pounds second or meter kilograms seconds in your case. greatly altering the anticipated penetration depth of a particular round.
    have you had a chance or inclination to preform any tests which could offer you a determination of a round's effectiveness striking the target.
    Accuracy is always a primary concern but you seem to have managed to be able to dial in a predictability to that issue. I might add in a most intriguing way I'm trying to remember if or where I had seen that method before.
    Bear in mind I make no claim to be a gunsmith even a novice one even though I have repaired my fair share of fire arms.
    I unfortunately don't have the means of testing the energy levels etc, but even over a longer distance (30M) rounds still appear effective and still on target as they would be without the suppressor. I do believe though the the wet suppressors or suppressors that contain the rubber wipers tend to reduce the velocity somewhat. I have never fired one, so wouldn't be able to confirm that though.

    Since the round leaving the barrel in my case doesn't come into contact with anything inside the suppressor, I do not believe that there will be a noticeable or measurable difference. What I do feel though is a noticeable reduction in recoil, but that I would assume (bad word) is due to the added weight so far forward on the barrel.

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    Sometimes people associate recoil with muzzle rise or drift if fired the way of the boys in the hood
    But the overall weight of a weapon in ratio to powder charge versus projectile grain would have a lot to do with it.
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    Hi everyone, I'm a brand newbie here, so please take this with a grain of apprehension.
    I've done some minor experimenting with suppressing firearms, (.22 Cal. only) and found that BOTH those with removable cups, as well as those with an angular insert can be further quieted with the addition of rubber washers coated with Flex-Seal -- OR bits of felt cloth coated with Flex-Seal. Non-hardening silicone caulk works also. I don't own any sound measuring devices, however, the decibel reduction is quite noticeable. I based my theory that bare metal reflects noise, and sticky rubber OR cloth ABSORBS IT. You might try a few similar experiments and may find significant improvements in sound reduction. Not to brag, but I have one particular piece (using SUB-SONIC ammo of course) down to a minor *CLICK*. It was so quiet, I thought I had a misfire. 2 B continued...

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