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Thread: Congratulations Frank S - our new Top 10 Homemade Tool Builder

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    Congratulations Frank S - our new Top 10 Homemade Tool Builder

    Congratulations Frank S - you've entered the Top 10 on our List of Homemade Tool Builders. We've added the silver toolbox icon to your postbit beneath your avatar.

    This list of homemade tool builders includes 14,340 people, from 2,512 different websites. Once you win this award, it's yours for life, even if you move out of the Top 10 positions.

    Our winners now include: naughtyboy, rgsparber, Frank Ford, Catfish, Paul Jones, Christophe Mineau, Captainleeward, knoba, mklotz, jjr2001, Frank S.

    Unlike the Tool of the Week or Best Documented Build awards, we don't award a t-shirt or cash prize with this win. You get a little graphic icon next to your username, plus something beyond value: the serious respect of your peers. Congrats again on winning a very difficult award.

    Here are all 76 of Frank S's tools that we currently have listed in our homemade tool encyclopedia:

    tags: funnel

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    The Consortium salutes you Frank S!. Those just look like smilies alongside the banner; it's us. I'm the Thumbs Up, mainly cause hats don't suit me and Woo-Hoo isn't sufficiently demonstrative. And where we come from, bowing is, well, just not done!
    I finally got to see the origin of the avatar used too, line boring! But absolute favorite is still the Caterpillar Blade; an alteration conducted from the inside of a damn big manufactured item - indistinguishable from a separate object as a model.
    AND not to mention at least some projects were accomplished for and during relocation of untold tons of property!
    Amen anyone?
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Many many many thanks for the kudos.
    During this relocation I have unearthed dozens of my old home made projects long forgotten. In fact currently strapped down on a 50 foot flatbed trailer which also has half a dozen homemade specialty modifications to it, is more than 10 of my creations which I have not posted and probably will not be able to post them for several months to come, if even ever.
    Right now my old 93 Ford crew cab F 350 has become what I call the world's ugliest welding rig is comprised of quite a few homemade tools and creations it's self.From the headache rack to the side mounted tool boxes to the rear bumper which has 2 receiver hitches incorporated in it
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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    Well Frank, look at you top ten'er congrats.....:O)

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    Congratulations Frank!

    Post your reply!
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