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Thread: 803 GIFs - tools, machines, manufacturing, how-tos, heavy equipment, explosions...

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    803 GIFs - tools, machines, manufacturing, how-tos, heavy equipment, explosions...

    803 GIFs - tools, machines, manufacturing, how-tos, heavy equipment, explosions, work techniques, fails, demolitions, planting/harvesting, building/rebuilding, mechanical movements, and many, many more.

    Ordered by the ones from the most-viewed threads first.

    1. Dump truck hydraulic explosion
    2. Sliding-log trick for felling a hung tree
    3. Hobo nickels: intricate carvings in coins
    4. Slide action wood splitter
    5. Motion compensating ship personnel transfer gangway
    6. Unique tractor turning method
    7. New record for most dangerous ladder usage
    8. Vertical twisting machine
    9. Tree climbing machine
    10. Flexible sledgehammer
    11. Big Blue crane collapse
    12. Bird makes tool to get food pellet
    13. Linemen working while dangling from a helicopter
    14. Milling interlocking rings
    15. Tourbillon movement
    16. Industrial shawarma production
    17. Concrete brick pattern press
    18. How to make an axe from rebar
    19. How to make a bamboo pear picker
    20. Many people jacking up a building
    21. Brick laying machine
    22. Packaging roller bearings
    23. Jeep drives down a steep ravine
    24. Rolligon trucks
    25. Excavator saves deer
    26. Self-loading Bobcat
    27. Watch timing mechanism
    28. Lace stitching workers
    29. Laying perfect bricks like dominoes
    30. Sand mold casting explosion
    31. rock picker attachment
    32. Gas cylinder welding fire
    33. Scythe basket harvesting
    34. Perfect gravel distribution from truck
    35. spring forming machine
    36. Harrier jump jet lands on a stool
    37. Launching an oil tanker ship with airbags
    38. Extremely fast wonton hand wrapping technique
    39. Miniature working shotgun
    40. Mystery hole digging drop tool
    41. hay loading machine
    42. Firefighting shotgun
    43. Rock burying tractor attachment
    44. Making heavy duty chain
    45. .38 caliber bullet shatters on hitting Prince Rupert's drop
    46. Woman traverses firewood over river
    47. How a cookie cutter is made
    48. Bee pulls nail from brick
    49. Post straightening machine
    50. Cow cleaner
    51. Friction stir welding
    52. Sandmaster sandbag filler
    53. Unusual cabinet opening mechanisms
    54. How wood veneer is made
    55. Steel mill cobble
    56. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin punching moon conspiracy theorist in face
    57. Rounding a rock
    58. Fire bomber plane puts out truck fire
    59. Squib round shoots through magazine of competitive shooter's rifle
    60. Flamethrowing drone for clearing electric wires
    61. Track N Go wheel-driven vehicle tracks
    62. Unspeakable act caught on shop camera
    63. Moving furniture into apartments
    64. Engine explodes on dyno
    65. Sailing a boat under a bridge
    66. Strandbeest-style walking motion
    67. Rotary train car coal dumping
    68. VRS car dismantler
    69. Escalator consumes person
    70. Making organic gears
    71. Enormous wind turbine blade transported over stone arch bridge
    72. Iris valves
    73. Forklift driver collapses entire warehouse of racks
    74. Excavator collapses hillside
    75. Variety of transforming furniture
    76. Woodworking multi-joint
    77. Motorcycle firewood cutter
    78. Shelling corn with drill and pliers
    79. Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey unfolding
    80. Making a coin ring
    81. Foldup ladder
    82. How to cut a glass tabletop
    83. Load crashes off truck going downhill
    84. Hundreds of pounds of acorns fall out of a telecom antenna
    85. Crane collapses while lifting jumbo jet
    86. Tree-assisted plane landing
    87. Machine for installing tires on rims
    88. SawStop
    89. Exiting a moving train
    90. Walking spider excavator
    91. Warship refueling at sea
    92. Boat snaps cable during loading
    93. Dangerous metalworking factory
    94. Homemade metal bending tools for making earwax removal picks
    95. Bucket chain excavator walking
    96. Vintage razor sharpener
    97. Quenching an anvil in a river, with an excavator
    98. Cruise ship propellers destroy marina
    99. Forging titanium
    100. Tiled access panel
    101. Interlocked watermelon carving
    102. Making cooking pots from wheels
    103. Magazine speed loader
    104. Reel splitter
    105. Cutting gear teeth
    106. Cold welding
    107. Perfect burger drop photography rig
    108. Anti-squirrel devices
    109. Fold-out balcony window
    110. Lichtenberg figure woodburning
    111. Trash interceptor
    112. 1941 explosion of HMS Barham battleship
    113. River-powered clay pounders
    114. immersion printing
    115. Front end loader cleaving enormous slab of stone
    116. How pencils are made
    117. Skid steer dangling from crane, breaking concrete
    118. Rolls-Royce retracting anti-theft hood emblem
    119. Automatic train washing system
    120. One-man concrete pipe unloading onto tires
    121. Man carries motorcycle up a ladder, on his head
    122. Snowplowing a street without blocking driveways
    123. Bottoms Up reverse draft beer cup filling system
    124. Pulling a tooth with vise-grips and a hammer
    125. Direction changing gears
    126. Wind turbine explodes and topples
    127. Forklift collapses scaffolding during crane installation
    128. Excavator sinks into sea
    129. Moving a 1966 Northfield jointer with a homemade gantry crane
    130. Mechanical kinetic sculpture
    131. Mobile crane collapses while installing billboard, with possible dozer assist
    132. Beach mat for amphibious deployment
    133. Removing bead wire from tire
    134. Ferrofluid
    135. Removing a large stuck hydraulic piston
    136. olive/carrot/strawberry harvesting machine
    137. Crane wood chipper
    138. Janney semi-automatic railway coupler
    139. Trimming trees around power lines
    140. Dirt thumper crane
    141. Motion compensating crane for moving cargo containers at sea
    142. Cake cutting tools
    143. Turf aerator
    144. 200-watt laser bazooka
    145. Forging a Kunai throwing dagger from rebar
    146. Perfect boat beaching
    147. Excavator slicing tree
    148. Self-loading excavator
    149. Salmon decapitating machine
    150. Neat and tidy building demolition
    151. Automatic rising deck chair
    152. 6 trucks transporting a 300-ton generator
    153. Painting banister rails
    154. Changing lug nuts
    155. Exploding disc brake
    156. Tractor cuts line in field to stop encroaching fire
    157. Needle threading trick
    158. Floor-by-floor Japanese building demolition
    159. doll eye insertion machine
    160. Vintage jet blast destroys runway
    161. Chinese clever working compilation
    162. Thread rolling machine
    163. Flat packing a wind turbine
    164. World record fastest revolver draw
    165. Powered hand truck
    166. Pipe bending
    167. Muscle car throws an axle on public street
    168. Gyroscopic grilling
    169. Pollarding machine
    170. Ferry crashes into crane, crane explodes
    171. Beer mug transporting trick
    172. Fishing with an umbrella
    173. Cam gear
    174. Pavement brick laying machine
    175. Making steel balls for large bearings
    176. Quick Chinese metal bender
    177. Making a tomahawk from a hammer
    178. Nail removing gun
    179. Fire truck garage doors and warning lights
    180. Semi-trailer collapses spontaneously during turn
    181. Making an anvil from a railroad rail
    182. Walking/moving trailer floor
    183. Perfect tree felling between two fenceposts
    184. Steel rolls roll off truck bed
    185. Guy lifts up excavator with one hand
    186. Bagger 293 bucket wheel excavator
    187. Automatic dropdown kitchen cabinets
    188. Whooshh tubes for transporting live fish
    189. Emergency building escape mechanism
    190. How marbles are made
    191. railway construction machine
    192. Slow motion dragster
    193. Unique tow truck
    194. Hidden garage
    195. Balloon popping machine
    196. Splitting bamboo
    197. Induction forge
    198. Passivating welds with electrolytic cleaning
    199. Forging crankshafts
    200. Parachute fails on drag racing car
    201. Wheelchair climbing stairs
    202. Beer canning
    203. Cutting 8-inch steel with a torch
    204. Out of control power trowel
    205. Splitting a large boulder with pegs
    206. Lego bridge girder machine
    207. Wheeled knee pads and patent searching
    208. Fixing buckled train track
    209. Drone changing a lightbulb
    210. Circular saw blade sharpening machine
    211. Harvesting bananas
    212. Tire doubling machine
    213. Wind turbine blade counterweight
    214. Boarding a moving cargo vessel
    215. Carving Eiffel Tower in a pencil
    216. stair cart wheels
    217. Molding glass bottles
    218. Correct way to drive a screw
    219. Tractor burning weeds
    220. Steel post being perfectly crushed
    221. Excavator repairs itself
    222. Cattle-powered sugar cane press
    223. hay bale wrapper
    224. Double-handed wood splitting mayhem
    225. Raising a truck's dump bed under power lines
    226. Cone forming
    227. Chicken catcher
    228. Squaring round metal containers
    229. Edible tools
    230. Perfect double trailer tractor backup in alley
    231. Excavator rock transfer dumper fail
    232. Brick laying machine
    233. chicken wire forming
    234. Pancake flipping machine
    235. How glass sheets used to be made
    236. Freehand forging a corkscrew
    237. Upside-down concrete curb creation
    238. Rock grinder heavy equipment
    239. Sharpening a huge drill bit
    240. Snapping stone slabs
    241. Tiny spring coil forming
    242. Candy cutting scissors
    243. Steam shovel
    244. Modobag motorized rideable luggage
    245. Manual snowblowing shovel
    246. Roof snow removal tools
    247. Under-bed fireplace
    248. Knife cutting competition
    249. Ultra efficient pancake making
    250. Raised dirt row former
    251. The Falkirk Wheel rotating boat lift
    252. How to make ping-pong balls
    253. Pallet shaker
    254. Concorde jet droop nose
    255. Forging a crown wheel
    256. Making steel tubing
    257. Blowing glass into wood
    258. Tractor-powered wood chopper
    259. Monkey teaches human to use tool
    260. Loading posts with an excavator
    261. Abrasive flow machining
    262. Straightening bicycle sprockets
    263. Gunpowder residue explosion at indoor shooting range
    264. Railroad multi-maintenance heavy equipment
    265. Forging an axe
    266. Michael Jackson's anti-gravity illusion shoes
    267. Forklift lifting forklift
    268. Towing wind generator blades
    269. Escaping a conical hole
    270. Oldham coupling
    271. Cake frosting
    272. Traffic cone pickup tool
    273. Casting a giant propellor
    274. Scissor manufacturing
    275. 9mm mini cannon
    276. Motorcyclist airbag activates in MotoGP race
    277. tree processor
    278. Airport runway rubber removal
    279. Spring forming
    280. 1942 Goliath/Beetle tank tracked mines
    281. Sod harvesting machine
    282. Mobile brick-making machine
    283. Amphibious excavator poling itself downriver
    284. Slow motion linear friction welding of titanium
    285. Automotive coil spring forming
    286. Smoke connects between two fires
    287. Bread loaf wrapping machine
    288. Landing a Cessna on a tanker and taking off
    289. Laying miles of pipe in a ditch at once
    290. Chain making
    291. Expanding cruise ship
    292. 3-ring parachute release system
    293. Parallel parking a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier
    294. Spring making
    295. Viennetta manufacturing
    296. Quenching an enormous gear
    297. Mini cannon
    298. Unique manual shovel/tiller
    299. Bicycle saw
    300. metal hose braiding
    301. Cone splitter for splitting wood
    302. How a paintbrush is made
    303. Bush trimming machine
    304. Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong
    305. Ice cream filling
    306. Nitinol paper clip returns to form after bending
    307. Wooden hummingbird model
    308. tree remover
    309. Suspended cable runway for airplane takeoff and landing
    310. Clip-on tire spikes for winter driving
    311. Coconut shell stripper
    312. Japanese perfect at work
    313. Huge mining dump truck being transported
    314. Moving an apartment building down a river
    315. Mysterious Chinese brick stacking in enormous cylinder
    316. Van/boat combo
    317. Peat cutter
    318. 1930 Dynasphere monowheel
    319. Power line inspection robot
    320. Giant carousel planer
    321. How to make a mirror
    322. Pulling a boat through locks
    323. Putting a derailed train back on the rails
    324. Dishwashing gloves
    325. Pressing wheels into tires in Chinese factory
    326. Cutting an impeller with a waterjet
    327. Melting a wrench with electricity
    328. Jackknifing a truck for dumping
    329. Vertical car parking machine
    330. TIG brush weld cleaning
    331. Manhole cover replacement
    332. Amazon warehouse robot
    333. Painting propane tanks by spinning them
    334. Thatching a roof
    335. Plate painting machine
    336. Compact car parking solution
    337. Demolishing a roof while sitting on one of its supporting poles
    338. Hands-free workshop Oreo dispenser
    339. Butter dispensing machine and butter application strategies
    340. Mining coal scooper used as snow remover
    341. Walnut harvester
    342. Forging nuclear-grade zirconium
    343. Railroad bridge catches fire and collapses
    344. Moving a heavy concrete lid by kicking a pipe under it
    345. Goliath portable autonomous CNC robot on Kickstarter
    346. Bucket loader bump
    347. Graphic
    348. Moving marble
    349. 1939 car safety device
    350. hamburger bun manufacturing defect detection
    351. Jeans distressing machine
    352. Sand-heated Turkish coffee
    353. Wheel-powered log loader
    354. How spiral compact fluorescent bulbs are formed
    355. Pastry filling machine
    356. Japanese swordsmith quenches sword blade
    357. Giant molten metal spill at steel mill
    358. Popcorn cannons
    359. Harry Winston Opus 11 watch
    360. How a baseball is made
    361. Non-Newtonian fluid-filled speed bump
    362. Powered wheelbarrow
    363. Rice planting machine
    364. Angle grinder art
    365. Logging truck rear steer dolly
    366. Pigeon trap
    367. Giant weeble-wobble
    368. Hinged clamp rack
    369. Trick water faucet
    370. Crossing a river inside a plastic bag
    371. Locomotive sandbox spraying sand on rails for traction
    372. Laying railroad cable troughs
    373. Ditch paving
    374. Whisk wiping tool
    375. Wheelchair-accessible motorcycle
    376. Sunflower seed harvesting
    377. Multi-beer bottle opener
    378. Space shuttle thermal tile
    379. Excavator playing goalie in giant soccer game
    380. Thermoforming
    381. Hot forging workpiece rolls away and causes mayhem
    382. Hot coil spring forming
    383. Concrete demolition machine
    384. Ditch irrigator sprayer
    385. Man carries 20+ bags on his head
    386. How to make a coin ring
    387. Pretzel manufacturing machine
    388. Belt jumps off machine and makes a break for freedom
    389. Marking and bundling large hot metal rolls
    390. Snake arm robot for inspecting tunnel boring machine
    391. Changing tire while driving
    392. Flying butterfly greeting card
    393. Dog-powered revolving baby swing
    394. Self-driving runaway truck
    395. Rope handle knot for 5-gallon bucket
    396. Bending stair railing
    397. How a circuit breaker trips, in slow motion
    398. Basket welding
    399. Christmas tree shearing tools
    400. Flip out automotive cupholders
    401. Fulton surface-to-air recovery system
    402. Soft robotic gripper
    403. Solar panel washing tool
    404. Wood multi-joinery
    405. Unusual custom bicycle
    406. Automatic grouting tool
    407. Pivoting broadfork
    408. Digital Glock slide
    409. Homemade fan spinning over meat to keep flies away
    410. Hot wound spring
    411. Feeding birds out of your hand
    412. Cotton candy flower making
    413. Spring forming
    414. 3D printed wire bender
    415. 1950s lipstick manufacturing
    416. Wrought iron machine
    417. Mattress compressing machine
    418. Crayon manufacturing
    419. Chocolate truffles turned as gears
    420. Rail repair with thermite welding
    421. Chinese plank-and-rope building scaffold
    422. How giant oak beer barrels are made
    423. pretzel-making machine
    424. Bandsaw wizardry
    425. Slow motion turning
    426. Kickstarter for Toler Union pocket multi-tool
    427. Tractor trailer slides off snowy cliff
    428. Electrical lineman slides down power lines
    429. Perfect joinery
    430. Uncapsizable boat
    431. Painting a 777 airplane
    432. Chairless chair wearable ergonomic mechatronic exoskeleton chair
    433. Using a mini excavator up a stairwell
    434. Hesco RAID rapid-deployment barrier
    435. Untwisting cable
    436. Float plane taking off from pickup truck
    437. Hawker 850XP landing gear retraction
    438. Using ice to remove oil from cooking
    439. Tile leveling clips
    440. Various miniature firearms in action
    441. Belt-driven tractor with giant trenching wheel
    442. When you dreamed of being a machinist, but you're a chicken
    443. Excavator packs up its own attachments
    444. Log debarking machine
    445. manufacturing dinner plates
    446. Skid steer mulching attachment
    447. How a spiral igloo is built
    448. Coloring titanium with different anodizing voltages
    449. Stop-motion engine teardown
    450. Roof machine
    451. Machining a giant gear
    452. Silicone mixing mill
    453. Amazing RC airplane indoor trick flying
    454. Rolling down a hill in a giant wire spool
    455. Indonesian bandsaw blade doctor
    456. Swiveling inline wheel wheelbarrow
    457. How Game of Thrones dragon eggs are made
    458. WWI mechanical trench-digging machine
    459. Motorcycle chariot
    460. Ditch-cleaning tractor attachment
    461. Air guitar welder
    462. 1960s amphibious scooter
    463. Sorting limes
    464. Tree digger
    465. Forklift moves burning van from riots
    466. Tractor harvesting trees at a tree farm
    467. Failed attempt to drill a hole in tempered glass panel
    468. Chocolate tempering machine
    469. Hard boiled egg machine
    470. Fire hose winding attachment for cordless drill
    471. 100-year-old wooden escalator at Macy's
    472. Shoveling 7-foot columns of snow
    473. Snow compressor
    474. Giant transformer explodes in New York City
    475. Automated coal train car sprayer
    476. Manufacturing rebar
    477. Spun aluminum dish process
    478. SWITL gel pickup machine
    479. Blueberry harvester
    480. Tunnel construction
    481. Beach cleaning machine
    482. Drying a football field with helicopters
    483. Cracker wrapping machine
    484. Constructing a tunnel under a highway
    485. Giant gearshaft being quenched
    486. Wooden radial engine
    487. Steinway piano key breaking in tool
    488. How a watch is made
    489. Marine railway; only one in North America
    490. Metal stamping plant
    491. NASA water deluge rocket launch system
    492. Lamb conveyor for marking and vaccination
    493. Stuck parachutist rescued back into airplane
    494. How to make a wooden egg cracker
    495. V-trenching excavator
    496. 1930s early car ramp jump stunt
    497. ice cream sandwich machine
    498. Rebar splicer
    499. Hand engraving a hammer
    500. Dogs on treadmill
    501. Gentleman tests fire sprinkler load capacity
    502. Cattle dehorning tool
    503. Wheel crawler excavator
    504. Float-on yacht transport vessels
    505. Reciprocating spader attachment
    506. Quarry sawing
    507. Pouring glass into thin glass strands
    508. Pouring an iron fence
    509. Steam tractors pulling bi-directional tilting plow
    510. Bevel gear cutting
    511. Photograph-topped cappuccino maker
    512. Assembling a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine
    513. Mystery rod shuffling machine
    514. Vintage globe manufacturing
    515. Debarking logs with a pressure washer
    516. Wind-powered portable electric generator
    517. Moto GP rider uses bike as surfboard after going down on wet track
    518. Excavator with telescopic arm
    519. Water jet vs. skateboard wheel
    520. Post mower and post washer
    521. Portable ceiling drill press
    522. Pomegranate de-seeding machine
    523. Towing a parallel-parked car
    524. Wave making machine
    525. Smooth garbage bag changing method
    526. Fast package taping technique
    527. Drill-powered electrical cable feeding tool
    528. Glove manufacturing
    529. Extinguishing a fire with a bottle of Coke
    530. Rapid roof remover tool
    531. Machine insect
    532. Marble gang saw
    533. Chinese fruit bagging factory
    534. Retractable grass covering for in-ground swimming pool
    535. 1692 De Schoolmeester paper mill
    536. Train dumping slag
    537. Manufacturing Xuan rice paper
    538. Making a jar lid from a balloon
    539. Large diesel engine rebuilding timelapse
    540. Camera gun
    541. Cam lock furniture
    542. Crane bag lifter
    543. Automatic waterfront stepped storage stacker
    544. How to make a bamboo water supply pipeline
    545. Concrete mixer attachment for skid steer
    546. Mobile auto repair station
    547. Lighter torch converter
    548. Bread guillotine
    549. 720-ton tuned mass damper in skyscraper
    550. Celluveyor omnidirectional conveyor
    551. Vintage chair manufacturing in one day
    552. How Russian nesting dolls are made
    553. Decorative
    554. Conservation of angular momentum
    555. Balloon manufacturing
    556. Palletizer
    557. Hay harvesting machine
    558. People used as forklift counterweight
    559. Beam drill
    560. Laser graffiti remover
    561. Balloon lifted farm field irrigation
    562. Oil drilling rig walking
    563. 1930s biplane fails aircraft carrier landing
    564. Salami slicing machine
    565. Hydraulic demolition shear
    566. Wheel rim cleaning machine
    567. Automatic car cover
    568. Moving a massive petrochemical splitter
    569. Plant trellis stringing tool
    570. Tricks for filming food for advertisements
    571. Maeklong railway market
    572. Manufacturing a curling stone from granite
    573. Overheight truck water curtain warning sign
    574. Shaft drill
    575. Making silk thread from cocoons
    576. Punch-activated flamethrower
    577. Elevating pickup truck topper
    578. Sheetmetal circle cutting
    579. Red hot picket twisting
    580. Footstep seed planting technique
    581. Pivoting wing NASA airplane
    582. Cake serving tool
    583. Sausage heat engine
    584. Turning a bolt with another bolt
    585. Huge mine blast
    586. Nanobot for performing artificial insemination
    587. Manufacturing humbug candy
    588. Hauling hay bale
    589. Spiral binding machine
    590. Fur stretcher
    591. How to make a glass die
    592. Cheese scraping machine
    593. Functioning wooden model truck
    594. Grinding a gear hob cutter
    595. Archimedes' screw sticks motion
    596. 3D scanning objects for 3D printing
    597. Manhole removal machine
    598. Vacuum blasting a tank
    599. Ring rolling steel
    600. Hot spring forming
    601. Heavy equipment grading beam
    602. Halloween candy collection tool
    603. Drawing a perfect circle on a chalkboard
    604. Pencil sharpening machine
    605. Automotive bottle opener
    606. Grill flip basket
    607. Cone forming machine
    608. Single tractor pulling 5 trailers
    609. Traditional Nabulsi soap making factory
    610. Outside air conditioner wrench
    611. Ribbon folder
    612. Jacking up a vessel
    613. Crank handle car power window conversion
    614. Magnetic window cleaning tool
    615. Magnet paper for revealing location of magnets inside devices
    616. 1950 trailer truck airplane
    617. Expanding glass table
    618. Potato planter
    619. Doughnut rolling tool
    620. How footballs are made
    621. Augmented reality underground utility viewer
    622. Portrait of a woman made from 13,000 dice
    623. Quenching a pile of hot excavator teeth
    624. Nesting chairs
    625. Decorative mat as powerwashing pattern template
    626. Retractable motorcycle wheels
    627. Airplane runway crash into snowbank
    628. Crab processing machine
    629. Bus spins around on turntable
    630. Hitchrific adjustable trailer hitch
    631. Making shoes by hand
    632. Wooden geared pegasus automaton
    633. Skinny boy inserted into well to rescue baby
    634. Triangular portion cheese packaging machine
    635. Induction heating pipe fittings
    636. How matchboxes are made
    637. UTV loading deck
    638. Bed dancing hydraulic trucks
    639. Horse vs. 18 men in tug-of-war
    640. Cold spray metal additive repair technique
    641. Folding coin knife
    642. Sharpening a pencil on a lathe
    643. Calf catcher ATV attachment
    644. Robotic ship pressure washer
    645. Analog 3D printer
    646. Bulk bag dispenser
    647. Remote controlled articulating forklift
    648. Pick-and-place palletizer plays Tetris
    649. Tree climbing chainsaw trimming tool
    650. Copper skiving machine
    651. Compact tortilla machine
    652. Bread dough rounding machine
    653. How a composite overwrapped pressure vessel is made
    654. Fabric roll transporting chute
    655. Industrial bark stripping machine
    656. How astronauts sleep on the International Space Station
    657. Rube Goldberg-esque cake serving machine
    658. Self-cooking stovetop
    659. Multi-directional door handle
    660. Self-aligning ball bearings
    661. How a pay pool table works
    662. How a frying pan is cast and milled
    663. Umbrella folding machine
    664. Plastic cup manufacturing
    665. Cultivator
    666. Cotton module truck
    667. Motorized license plate HVAC vent cover
    668. Circuit board recycling
    669. Functioning wooden bicycle
    670. Shaving with an axe
    671. Traditional tile manufacturing by hand
    672. Mini excavator post driving attachment
    673. Vintage briefcase anti-theft device
    674. Motorcycle ramp loading fail
    675. Chocolate enrobing machine
    676. Trash collection crane boat in Venice
    677. Bell pepper de-corer de-seeder machine
    678. 1951 Buick XP-300 convertible top
    679. Bolt threading
    680. Clothes folding machine
    681. Lollipop manufacturing
    682. Fire handling gloves
    683. Rail moving robot
    684. Sushi rolling machine
    685. Spinning car rotisserie for filming movie scenes
    686. Bending glass tubes
    687. Hotrod skull hood with opening mouth
    688. Vintage ribbon loom for making watch straps
    689. Pizza making machine
    690. Gear profile grinding machine
    691. How jeans pockets are sewn on
    692. Fabric printing machine
    693. Machine for automatically sorting green tomatoes
    694. 3D printing with light, in Nature and Science last week
    695. Remote controlled frosted windows
    696. Carving a birdcage in a pencil tip
    697. Splitting a boulder
    698. Stretch-and-shrink hood packaging machine
    699. Mechanical knob turn counting dials
    700. Cooking a steak with lava
    701. Top spinning in box
    702. Coil wrapping machine
    703. Fixing structural framing
    704. PVC sandbag filler
    705. Robot operating a CNC machine
    706. Mortadella slicing machine
    707. Carving a mango flower
    708. Shuttlecock tester
    709. Puppy drug sniffing dog training tools
    710. Robotic car parking dollies
    711. Competitive Jeep speed disassembly
    712. Rotational plastic molding a large tank
    713. Catapulting a test sled off an aircraft carrier
    714. Charring oak whiskey barrels
    715. Rotisserie cake
    716. A bumper for your car bumper
    717. Catching a satellite in orbit
    718. Forming a wire link on a multislide machine
    719. Magnetic manhole cover remover
    720. CNC wire/bar bender
    721. Anchor chain cleaner
    722. Fence washing truck attachment
    723. Tools for filming cars throughout the years
    724. Shovel foot step attachment
    725. Antique hand-cranked grinding stone
    726. Street sweeper attachment from brooms
    727. 747 turned into flying observatory
    728. Suction loading tool
    729. Honey paw tool for honey extraction
    730. Citrus trimming machine
    731. Spiral potato cutting machine
    732. Working model of National Archives vault
    733. Timelapse disassembly of Big Bertha tunneling machine
    734. Watch gear assembly
    735. Multi-headed washing hose
    736. Internal pipe coating tool
    737. Afro comb used as cutting aid
    738. Binder clip checklist
    739. Undersea cable armoring
    740. Mechanical binary counter
    741. Perfect belly landing in 1966 Piper PA30
    742. Balancing cruise ship pool table
    743. Robotic fruit crate packing arm
    744. Installing secant piling walls
    745. Pizza box that converts into serving plates and storage container
    746. Key punch
    747. Glassblowing a dragon stem goblet
    748. Rolex Deep Sea Special watch
    749. Elastnikov rubber band multi-shot gun
    750. Houston man catches fish in living room
    751. Breaking a lock with two wrenches
    752. Stool used as video game steering wheel
    753. Powered 3-wheel reaper
    754. Spring manufacturing stopper
    755. Powered orange zester
    756. Blacksmith strike gone awry
    757. Dice dotting machine
    758. Flaming crème brûlée tool
    759. Battlebots animatronic trophy stand
    760. Golf hole cutter/filler
    761. Baseball hat steamer stretcher
    762. Traffic camera monitor on back of truck
    763. Felling a tree with a jack
    764. Harvesting ice
    765. Magnetic doorstop
    766. SpaceX foundry casting Raptor engine manifold out of Inconel
    767. Gold-coated face shield for foundry
    768. Formula One tire warmers
    769. Pallet flipping machine
    770. Ladder carrying handle
    771. Toothpaste tube crimping machine
    772. Red currant harvester
    773. Japanese noodle cutter
    774. Egg crate manufacturing machine
    775. Root remover heavy equipment attachment
    776. Bicycle snow plow
    777. Excavator brush attachment
    778. Self-driving road marking machine
    779. 3D-printed tomato sorter
    780. Dough portioning conveyor belt
    781. Blown film extrusion machine
    782. Carnival crane game with kid as the claw
    783. Christmas tree netting machine
    784. Homemade cardboard gameboy
    785. Tank bridge
    786. Flogo floating cloud generator
    787. Fishing invasive species with electricity
    788. Bagel forming machine
    789. Twisting cable in CERN's superconducting lab
    790. North Korea missile launch
    791. Ball pit cleaning machine
    792. Urwerk UR-110 wristwatch
    793. Wallboard foot lift install tool
    794. Reversible seats
    795. Paperpot chain-fed rapid planter
    796. Transforming theater floor
    797. Tsunami survival capsule
    798. Lockout-tagout equipment safety lock
    799. Vintage stencil machine
    800. Libralato rotary engine
    801. Goalkeeper training tool
    802. Pull-down garage screen door
    803. Fabric roll transporting chute

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